Fukuoka Yamakasa, marking the start of summer in Hakata
Hakata Gion Yamakasa is a summer festival boasting a history and traditions stretching back more than 770 years. The festival commences on July 1, beginning with the “Kazari Yamakasa”, when gigantic decorative floats are displayed around the town, and comes to an end on July 15 with the “Oiyama” race, an event marking sunrise. With around three million visitors to the festival every year, the streets of Fukuoka/Hakata are bustling with people and are bursting with the excitement and fun of the Yamakasa festival.

[Highlights of the Yamakasa festival]
●Oiyama Narashi July 12th (Sat): "Oiyama Narashi", starting at 3:59 pm. Preparation for the Oiyama race, the festival’s climax.
●Shudan Yamamise
(Floats Gathering)
July 13th (Sun): "Shudan Yamamise" (Floats Gathering), starting at 3:30 pm. Festival floats from each town will make around 1.3km trip along Meiji-dori Avenue.
●Oiyama July 15th (Tues): "Oiyama", starting at 4:59 am. With the stroke of a Japanese drum, each float enters Kushida Shrine.

For more information, please visit Fukuoka/Hakata Tourist Information Site YokaNavi Web.

The latest tourist information from Fukuoka Tourism Promotion Council

DazaifuSummer Tenjin Festival Chinowa-kuguri (passing through a hoop made of kaya grass) and Sentomyo (ceremony of a thousand candles)

Dazaifu City Tourist Information Center
TEL : 092-925-1880

July 24/25, 2014: A summer festival to celebrate the birth of the god Tenjin and pray for children’s health. During the Sentomyo, which is held on the night of the 25th, the reflection of flickering candles on the water’s surface is a truly magical sight.

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine TEL : 092-922-8225

Kurume CityGrape picking

Kurume Bureau of Tourism and International Exchange

Visitors to Tanushimaru Town can enjoy many different kinds of grape picking. The picking season for grapes grown in greenhouses starts from July 12, earlier than normal grapes.
Free entry/samples available

Kurume Bureau of Tourism and International Exchange TEL : 0943-72-4956

YanagawaIlluminated nighttime punting through Yanagawa’s riverside district

Yanagawa City

・July 18 (Fri) – August 31 (Sun), starting from 7:40 pm
・Adults: ¥1,600 Children: ¥800
・Tickets: On sale on the day until 4:45 pm.
・Food and drink can be brought onto the boats.

Yanagawa City Tourist Information Center TEL : 0944-74-0891

Events information from Fukuoka City

Fukuoka City Museum: Special Exhibition “Samurai Strategist Kuroda Kanbei”

In addition to materials in the museum’s collection from the Kuroda family, this exhibition displays a range of items associated with Kanbei from all over Japan.

Period: July 26 – September 21
Admission: \1,300 (\1,100 for advance ticket)

For more information, please visit Fukuoka City Museum’s website.

Portrait of Kuroda Josui (Fukuoka City Museum)

Fukuoka Art Museum: "Artworks and Household Items from the Kuroda Family - Special Exhibition commemorating the NHK Taiga Drama Gunshi Kanbei"

This exhibition features artworks from the Chikuzen Kuroda family, which was founded by Kanbei. Around 100 items are displayed, including hanging scrolls, picture scrolls, lacquer ware, tea ceremony utensils and hair accessories.

Period:September 2 – September 28
Admission:\1,000 (\800 for advance ticket)

For more information, please visit Fukuoka Art Museum’s website.

Gold brocade military robe (hexagonal peony arabesque pattern with gold brocade)Momoyama period
(Owned by Fukuoka Art Museum)

Marugoto Fukuoka/Hakata

A selection of images highlighting the charms of Fukuoka City, can be downloaded for free.

For more information,please visit the Marugoto Fukuoka/Hakata website.

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