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In Winter, visit the Glittering Streets of Fukuoka!
Don't Miss Out the New Year Bargain Sales and Delicacies of the Season!

Illumination at Kego Park, Tenjin


Come mid-November, the many streets in the town of Fukuoka will be lit up with Christmas illumination and filled with a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. And from the 31st of December to around the 3rd of January, people will be visiting shrines to pray for happiness in the coming new year.

From January 2nd, many shopping centers in Tenjin, Hakata and other areas of the city will have New Year opening sales. You can get fashion goods and other items for special prices in this, the greatest shopping opportunity of the year! (New Year's Day is a public holiday in Japan and many shops and public facilities are closed until the 3rd. Please check the opening days of the place you are visiting in advance.)

Please come visit Fukuoka in winter and enjoy Japanese Culture that's just a little bit different!

  • Recommended Winter Illumination Spots!
    From mid-November to late December -to February at some places throughout the city!


Illumination of Fukuoka Tower

Bayside Place Hakata

The businesses, parks and squares in Tenjin and Hakata Station areas are the major Christmas illumination spots in Fukuoka.

There will be an event titled “Christmas in Tenjin 2011" in the Tenjin area. The first and largest outdoor skate rink in western Japan will open in Kego Park (open from Dec. 1 to Jan. 9, closed on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1). Here you can enjoy skating on the special ice surface where you won't get wet even when you fall! The businesses around the rink will be decorated with beautiful lights.

The illumination decorating the square and roadside trees of JR Hakata City, which reopened in March, 2011, will also fascinate the passersby.

Canal City Hakata has also gained high reputation for its Christmas illumination. The main feature of Christmas Fantasia 2011 will be Woods of Fantasia, which is designed by Dutchman Tord Boontje. This is going to be the last chance to enjoy the beauty created by the contrast of light and shadow in this seasonal feature which started in 2007. You will be able to enjoy the illumination at East Bldg.

Other special winter feature of Fukuoka is the Christmas illumination of Fukuoka Tower, which boasts a Lover's Sanctuary inside the tower. A tall Christmas tree illumination will light up one side of the tower and the road side trees in Momochihama area will be illuminated with blue lights. You will also be able to enjoy beautiful LED illumination and a count-down event of December 31st at Bayside Place Hakata, an area facing Hakata Bay. You can enjoy the illumination of the Momochi area and Bayside Place Hakata up until early February.

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  • New Year Begins with a Massive Sale

First Day of Trade for the new year and bargain sales! From January, throughout Fukuoka City

Those visiting Fukuoka that love shopping shouldn't miss the First day of Trade of the year and the coinciding with bargain sales. Usually, the First Day of Trade for the new year in department stores in Tenjin is January 2nd, but some places are known to open from the 1st.

As one of the most popular features of new year’s bargain, many stores offer fukubukuro, mixed bags containing a selection of goods worth much more than the actual price of each bag. Shops will be filled with people trying to get prized fukubukuro! Canal City Hakata and Marinoa City Fukuoka are both open from January 1st. Department stores in Fukuoka's biggest shopping district, Tenjin, open from January 2nd. Through January and into February, stores continue to offer great deals with items available with 10%-50% off the original price. Take some time and come and find a bargain!

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  • Check out the Delicious Winter Food available!

Fukuoka is home to many popular dishes such as Hakata Ramen Noodles and hotpots including Mizutaki and Motsunabe. The delicious ingredients warm up the body – perfect for winter.

Winter has the most delicious seafood catches. Fukuoka has the 4th biggest fresh seafood market in Japan selling seafood from Japan and overseas, including Korea and China.

Barbequed cultivated oysters are available from Kakigoya, tent rooms found around the coast in winter and have become very famous. They are located in Nishi-ku of Fukuoka in Karatomari and in Itoshima City. It is a wonderful experience and available till March, so why don't you go and see for yourself!

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  • Fukutabi - Fun Experiences and Walks in Fukuoka Programs for Foreigners

Enjoy walking through Fukuoka, a town with many temples and shrines like Kyoto or Nara and also enjoy painting a Hakata Doll, wearing a kimono, or other cultural experiences available in our Fun Experiences and Walks in Fukuoka – Fukutabi.

Fukutabi's program information is available in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese and is downloadable from our homepage.

The programs can be added to a package tour or you can make a reservation yourself to create your own plan! We are making new programs so be sure to check the homepage for updates!

Fukutabi Information Line for Foreign Visitors is a 3 way interpreting system available in English, Korean and Chinese.

Fukutabi Information Line for Foreigner Visitors 092-735-8882
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